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    Positive Reinforcement

  • Center Pucci was created by a team of animal enthusiasts who want to provide the public with a wide range of services for dogs under one roof, with the animal's well-being as a priority. The organization's mission is to build and maintain harmonious bonds between humans and their canine companions in order to help improve the quality of life of dogs in their homes and also to reduce abandonment.

    Center Pucci believes that the socialization and education of dogs are key elements in ensuring their well-being, the safety of the public as well as pleasant and lasting relationships between guardians and their companions. To this end, the Pucci Center team uses and recommends only ethical methods of education and behavior modification, without the use of intimidation or force towards animals.

    Center Pucci also promotes sterilization among dog sitters, as it is an important component of responsible pet management. It not only makes it possible to fight against certain scourges, including animal overpopulation and the exploitation of certain animals for breeding purposes, but also has several advantages in terms of the health and behavior of the animal.

  • For these reasons, the Center is committed to maintaining a healthy environment free from physical or verbal violence, a safe place for the physical and psychological health of the animals and to keep up to date:

    • the permit issued by MAPAQ;
    • liability insurance;
    • a health protocol;
    • an exercise protocol;
    • secure infrastructure;
    • a register of animals in his care;
    • a training program for its employees;
    • a risk prevention and incident management program; as well as health and exercise protocols;
    • ethical dog training and socialization programs based on scientific methods; and
    • customer service based on respect and empathy.